How I should have dealt with fear & doubt while grieving.

How to deal with fear while grieving.


Loss or the reoccurrence of bad things/disappointments often comes with the fear of “will it happen again” , we begin to doubt the future. A lot of times when we experience the loss of a prominent person in the society or someone close to us, we begin to see comments or quotes of “ no one knows tomorrow, live each day like it’s your last” etc. Most of the time half of these comments are born out of fear, now this doesn’t make the words false and hey! I’m not judging.

I never used to pay attention to all these things until I experienced the loss of a loved one, it shook me, my faith (grateful for my husband, family & mentors who helped us through) . Fear creeped into my heart and some days before I slept my mind would wonder, asking questions I was afraid to say out…

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One of the most difficult decisions is choosing to go "natural". Natural hair is in vogue now and it is actually very beautiful if maintained and cared for often. This choice should be made individually and not based on someone else hair. There is nothing that beats rocking your African kinky curls in the midst …


Submit to the Nalubaale Review Literary Magazine June Issue.
Deadline: 15th June, 2019.

Nalubaale Review Literary Magazine

 15TH JUNE 2019 : New Deadline

The Nalubaale Review Literary Magazine calls short stories, poems, essays, journals, PICTURES for our next issue.

We would like you to share your travel experiences and stories. The theme for the next issue is TRAVEL and we are super excited about it.

We call upon submissions from all over the African continent and Africans all over the world. In our previous issue, we had submissions from over five African countries from all regions of Africa. We want to triple that.

You can read our previous issue here;

Bring that unique travel story in your culture along. Bring that excellent poem about your latest trip you took whether in the Egyptian pyramids, Namibian Desert, the Indian Ocean, Fort Jesus OR to that unique tribe/community.

Entries should be sent to:

Deadline for submission is 15th JUNE 2019.

More guidelines here:

Submissions are open to…

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